One More Night - A Homage to the Music of Phil Collins and Genesis.

Since 2017, "One More Night - The Phil Collins / Genesis Experience" has been on an incredible musical journey, performing all over North America and in Canada.

One More Night - The Band
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About One More Night

Since their humble beginnings in 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona, "One More Night - The Phil Collins / Genesis Experience" has been on an incredible musical journey, and they are very excited to share it with you.

They've had the privilege to perform at various venues, including Casinos, Performing Arts Theaters, and even some lively festivals. From the West Coast's California to the East Coast's New York, from the Northern charm of Washington State to the sunny embrace of Florida, and even crossing borders to Canada, the band has been fortunate to take the music of Phil Collins on the road and connect with audiences like you.

One More Night's performances are a heartfelt homage to the exceptional songs of Phil Collins and Genesis. They bring you hybrid versions that capture the essence of the studio releases along with the magic of live renditions, creating an experience that's both familiar and fresh.

With immense gratitude, the band welcomes Bill Whittemore, who steps into the lead role as Phil Collins. The extremely talented band members, including Charlie Green on drums, David Dion on bass and vocals, David Wagner on guitar and vocals, Bob "Desi" Desiderio on keyboards and vocals, and Shantel Laudel on vocals and percussion, pour their passion into every note they play and sing.

Your presence makes their journey worthwhile, and they work hard to create memorable evenings together with their audiences!

What People Say

“I’ve seen a lot of great acts at CB Live, but last night I’m pretty sure I saw the best one yet. One More Night, a tribute to the music of Phil Collins, both solo and with Genesis were superb! Watching Bill Whittemore channel his inner Phil Collins was truly a sight to behold. If you get the opportunity, definitely check these guys, and gal out!”

Rich Charlton

“One More Night – The Phil Collins Experience played CB Live last night and brought the house down with Bill Whittemore’s uncanny vocal resemblance to Phil Collins. Combining Collins’ pop hits and Genesis classics, the band all paid a noble tribute to the ailing legendary artist.”

Patrick Scott

“Sitting in my room in France. Watching your video at CB live. You guys were spot on, killed it!”

Jon Scotellaro

“The entire group was absolutely amazing, what a fantastic representation and a flawless performance, thank you all!!!”

Eric Garcia

“Sounds amazing guys! Bill Whittemore nailing it!”

Darwin Santos

“You guys were fantastic. I was really moved on separate lives. You guys got to me. Very well done. The whole band is super talented!”

Scott Landucci

“Word on the street, from a few different sources, is that you guys were awesome! I’m sad I had to work. Hoping to catch One More Night sometime!”

Angie Larkin

“It really was an amazing show. He really nailed Phil’s tone dead on!”

Glenn Landin

“It was really a great show! Can’t wait to see them again.”

Nadine White

“Wow, what a show! They did fantastic. So much talent. Bill did fantastic as “Bill Collins,” and Shantel not only brought the pipes, but also brought the moves! Such a great show. Props to them all!”

Chris Warter

“This band is incredible! So glad we went. Congrats to Charlie Green, Bob Desiderio, David Wagner, David Dion, Bill Whittemore, and their lovely female singer Shantel Laudel! Thoroughly impressed.”

Molly Edwards

“These guys are the consummate professionals always. What a great show.”

Gary Mellar